Fancy Cover

by H Bird

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One of the first complete songs for H Bird. Written in my room in Kentish Town in March 2005 when - before I knew that Kate Dornan could not only play every instrument but sing as well - I had a different idea for who was going to front the project. It never happened with that singer though things always work out for the best. And in the end Kasia sang this one live and on record. Released as a single as it didn't quite fit in with the rest of the album - darker, more electro. The title comes from Chapter 8 of Ian Fleming's 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', my favourite James Bond novel (and film for that matter). It was my wont to use Bond chapter titles for songs back then. Not a bad idea.

Fantastic remix by BigSexyLand whose club we used to frequent at The Albany. It was the first time I ever saw a dancefloor throb to one of my songs. I remember some trepidation when they first sent us the remix, wondering whether or not they had sampled an x-rated film. But no, it's just Kate's vocals cut-up and ultra-compressed. John Doran summed it up best with "I hope her mother never has to hear this!" Though I had been warned. John Tatlock had sent an introductory email with the words:

"...give you some idea of what we are likely to do to your
unsuspecting tune.

I see it as a wide-eyed, eyes-met-across-the-dancefloor sort of song,
skipping gaily . What we are going to do is send it out clothes shopping
with the girls from the Human League, and then round for drinks at
Kraftwerk's house. They’ll give it a couple of lines of Ketamine and a
cocktail (and not a Cosmopolitan, I mean something proper like a West Indian Yellow Bird), and then they’ll get a taxi to some shady basement club that has naked boys and girls dancing in cages, fire breathers, and people walking around with panthers on diamante leashes. Robot panthers.

What will happen next is anyone's guess."


released December 7, 2009

Both songs by Stone ©2009
BigSexyLand is John Tatlock & John Doran
Cover art by Rachel Weaver



all rights reserved


H Bird London, UK

Pop Magic.

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Track Name: Fancy Cover
Fancy Cover

I move in soft, dark mysteries
There’s nothing I cannot see
I’ve had enough of your silly lies
Thinking they’d escape my eyes
Omnipotent, potentially
A costume change shall bring to me
Power of such dazzling kind
Vengeance never looked so fine

Watching, watching...

I’ve kissed your lips, cold with deceit
Followed you through shadows deep
Black and sleek, oh so feline
With my tail dressed to the nines
I’ll crack that smile right off your face
Give you a taste of my distaste
It’s my turn, to tie and tease
Stare you down, to your knees

Watching, watching...

(watching) Your every move, (watching) You come unglued
(watching) All your mistakes, (watching) Your black heart break
(watching) In immaculate dress, (watching) Your sweet distress
(watching) You draw nervous breath, (watching) When you least expect
(watching) Behind my back, (watching) Your spirit crack
(watching) And I’m tickled pink, (watching) You not know what to think
(watching) From beneath my mask, (watching) It bite you back
(watching) Your distinct unease, (watching) And you can’t see
Track Name: Fancies & Goodnights (BigSexyLand Remix)
Fancies & Goodnights

(I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with you)

C’mon now boy, you’ve never seen a girl like me before
Undercover, are you what I’ve been looking for?

Violet melodies, whisper ‘cross the floor
A glance I drink right in, then turn away for more
A marble Venus pose, awaits your two lips
Obscured by lustrous rose, and endearing nervous sips

C’mon now boy, you’ve never seen a girl like me before
Undercover, are you what I’ve been waiting for?

Breath of tangerine, on lips of peach
Soft and close now, good enough to eat
And eyes of saccharine, melt mine to gold
I hope you’re a good boy, and do what you’re told

C’mon now boy, you’ve never seen a girl like me before
Undercover, what has tonight in store?

Strawbr’y shadows slide, whirl across the room
Hearts beat so quick-quick-slow, movin’ into you
And all the stars align, to dance in your eyes
Then disappear so dreamily, to wish us goodnight

C’mon now boy, you’ve never seen a girl like me before
Undercover, are you what I’ve been waiting for?